Our business activity

Spring Tex has been a part of the textile industry since 2000. Our main business activity is centred around importing textiles from renowned factories in Korea, China and Taiwan. We are based just outside of Łódź (Poland) in a building boasting 700 square metres of office and warehouse space, as well as several parking spaces. Such a large storage area allowed us to build a vast collection of various woven fabrics and polar fleece. We guarantee professional services and assistance in selecting goods.

Our Services

Our company offers an extensive, steady supply of different fabrics: blouse, dress, women’s and men’s dress suit, formal wear. We also provide: taffeta, satin, polyester organza, chiffon, jacquard and lace. We strive to make our fabrics available in a wide range of colours and patterns that follow the latest trends. In addition, the 540 and 660 GM/YD polar fleece is imported from Taiwan and China. We offer around 30 different colours for both weights.

Our fabrics are popular with tailors, wholesale, and retail shops around Poland and European countries. We constantly expand our stock to meet our customers’ demands. We provide samples on demand. We guarantee good prices—always negotiable—and high quality of our goods. It is also possible to order higher weights and colours that match the customer’s needs.

We warmly invite you to visit our company's headquarters.